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Volunteer Opportunities

You too can participate in providing library service to County. Your talents and abilities are desired and needed in the Chemung County Library District. There are many opportunities available throughout Chemung County. Click Here for an application in Adobe Acrobat Reader format.

Adopt-a-Shelf Program

Similar to the popular Adopt a highway program but you work indoors! Basically, you make sure our books are in their proper place, help library staff keep shelves in order by selecting an available shelf to "adopt." The time required is about 2 hours a week at your convenience.

Opportunities in Our Libraries

Big Flats
Contact Ms. Peel

  • Adopt-a-shelf--especially Juvenile picture books and Juvenile Nonfiction sections

  • Assist in creating story program props

  • Vacuum carpets

  • Wash large windows and glass doors

  • Weed library sign's planter

Horseheads Free Library
Contact Ms Lee

Adopt-a-Shelf Volunteer – Adopt-a-Shelf workers agree to monitor a section of the Library’s shelving to keep books, tapes, magazines or videos/DVDs in order. This is a vital part of making the materials readily available for patron requests. Since so many people browse the collection and routinely move items from their correct shelf locations, the shelves need constant reorganization and monitoring. The only skills required are an attention to detail and some simple housekeeping skills. Once you have been trained as an Adopt-a-Shelf volunteer, you can monitor your assigned section as frequently as seems warranted and at your own scheduling convenience. This is the ideal job for a volunteer who cannot commit to a set schedule and needs extremely flexible volunteer hours.

Shelving Volunteer – Shelving is the most basic daily routine within the Library’s work schedule. All materials that are returned must be reshelved and hence, there is a continual supply of items waiting to be returned to the appropriate shelving area. This is an ideal volunteer duty for someone interested in working independently and without a set time or day for working since the shelving volunteer can work anytime during the Library’s public service hours.

Special Projects Volunteer – A Special Projects’ volunteer will provide assistance with individual projects that are needed at various times at the Library. These can be long-term efforts such as weeding the collection of outdated materials under the supervision of a librarian or they can be major clerical tasks such as relabeling books and other items for easy access by Library patrons. It is an excellent position for a volunteer unable to commit to a set work schedule or interested in being involved in projects which are accomplished over longer periods of time.

Story Hour Volunteer – The Story Hour volunteer works directly with paid Library staff members to assist with planning and executing story hours. This might involve preparing arts and crafts materials or perhaps researching stories and potential media materials to use with special programs. The skills required are a willingness to work with young children and their parents and caregivers. An interest in children’s literature is also very helpful. This volunteer position requires a commitment to special program times and seasonal program dates.

Steele Memorial Library

First Floor

Weeding Magazines
Removing old issues from the stacks to make room for new ones. This can be done bi-weekly or weekly whichever best fits your schedule. Contact Us

Search the Stacks for:
items patrons have "claimed returned." Knowlege of the Dewey Decimal System or willing to learn the DDS is required. This task needs to be done on a weekly basis. Contact Us

Children's Department

Assist with Special Event Programs
An on-call opportunity to help or youth services department with special events throughout the year. Contact our youth services department at 733-8604 for more information.

Adult Services

Adopt-a-Shelf Volunteer Volunteers will be asked to maintain non-fiction and fiction books that need reorganization and monitoring. Once you have been trained as an Adopt-a-Shelf volunteer, you can monitor your assigned section at your own scheduling convenience. Make the most of everyday- get involved with your Library. Contact us for more information.

Book Club Coordinators. We are seeking a highly organized and highly motivated individual to organize and facilitate small book discussion groups. Hours flexible. Contact us or call 733-9175.

Genealogy Department

Help us expand our genealogical resources by entering obituary information into a computer database. Contact us or call 733-9175 for more information.

West Elmira Library

"Adopt-a-Shelf" program Recruiter and Coordinator Email Ms Barrett for more information.

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